DIRAC Multi-Sub Bass Management Module Coming to CES 2019

At CES 2019 Dirac Research plans to show its latest creation, the Dirac Live Bass Management Module. This new module is targeted at consumers and integrators alike. The company touts a “proprietary approach to subwoofer system optimization” that outperforms what’s available from existing room correction software solutions.

Per the press release, this new module allows for fast and easy optimization of either a single, or multiple subwoofers. In the case of single subwoofer installs, it said to offer savings by achieving enhanced performance out of one sub, perhaps negating the need to purchase a second one.

The new modules available in three tiers intended for different usage scenarios and markets: Tier 3 is free, it’s available to current Dirac Live customers as well as OEMs, it allows for standard bass management, and offers predictive results.

The Tier 2 module enables advanced setup options for a single subwoofer while assigning measurement-based crossover points to each individual speaker.

Tier 1 is the top tier and you can use it to manage multiple subs, each driven by a discrete, optimized channel. You also get full control over the high-pass crossover to each individual speaker.

“Our tiered approach to Dirac Live Bass Management allows us to deliver a best-in-class
solution for all home theater enthusiasts, regardless of their budget or system set-up,” stated
Argren. “What’s more, by optimizing the subwoofer performance in relation to the room
dimensions and speaker position, customers are no longer required to place their subs in
specific locations, often at odds with the aesthetics of the room, in order to achieve optimal

For multi-subwoofer installations, Dirac’s new module is intended to save time and effort by consolidating the iterative process of optimization into a single set of measurements along with predictive analysis.

“Seven years ago, we introduced the world to Dirac Live, which marked a breakthrough in digital
room correction and has since become the industry’s reference solution,” Thorin stated. “Dirac
Live set the bar high and helped establish our reputation as the leading pioneer of sound
optimization solutions. Our all-new Dirac Live Bass Management Module lives up to the legacy
of Dirac Live and proves to the market that wherever we innovate, we lead.”

Dirac plans to release this module During the second quarter of 2019. It is the first add-on module to come from the company, the intent being to allow consumers to customize their home theater system’s Dirac-compatible processor or AVR with the tier of software they wish to implement.

The new module will be demonstrated at CES 2019, if I managed to find the time I will stop by and check it out, otherwise I have a NAD T777 V3 that’s already upgraded to the latest version of Dirac Live, as well as a StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 that runs Dirac, that’s a rig where I’d love to have four discrete sub channels. These are exciting times for fans of multi-sub systems.

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