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HD with Dish receivers - does it matter?

I had a Samsung LCD TV for about 9 years that worked fine for what I needed. That TV died recently. So I bought a new TV. An LG 55UK6500UAU. It's not top of the line, but it is 4K capable and has gotten good reviews on most sites. I've set it up and adjusted pretty much every setting I can and the picture on the limited 4K stuff I can find through Youtube and Netflix is incredible. I have Dish as my TV provider. The receiver is probably 7 years old. It's a VIP222K. I've noticed the picture on the new TV doesn't seem to be quite as good as my old Samsung when viewing HD content on the Dish receiver. It's very very close but if i had them sitting side by side I would say the old Samsung is a little better than the new LG. It's an HDMI connection between the TV and the Dish receiver. The HDMI cable quality is good I guess. It's not a no name brand off eBay. Can't remember the exact brand but I do remember when I bought it the brand name was well known.

I'm just wondering if getting a newer receiver from Dish would make a difference. They have the new Hopper that supports 4K, but I know there's not a lot of 4K content available now. So assuming non-4K content could I expect HD channels on a new receiver to be any better than HD channels on the older receiver I have now? I'm thinking probably not but I just don't know. And I don't want to get the new receiver unless I'm positive it'll be better than what I have now. The new receiver comes with DVR that you can't opt out of for $15/month and I have no interest in DVR services. I think they would waive the fee if I really pushed because I've been a customer for over 10 years now.

Just wondering if anyone on this forum might have a thought as to if a new receiver could provide better HD content or if it would be the same as what I have today? Oh and I do have the current receiver setup for 1080i (the highest it supports).

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Probably not. You'd do marginally better to change providers. IIRC, Dish uses a lower resolution for 1080i channels to preserve bandwidth. Your set has to "invent" more pixels during the upconversion than it would with, say, DirecTV.

It's a lot like 480i, which looks really good on an old 3:5 CRT, but looks like crap on an HD display.

That said, some receivers do a better job with upconversion than television sets and many find letting the receiver do the work is the better proposition. You can try a newer receiver, but - to my eyes, anyway - 1080i over DSS or cable generally looks better on a 1808i/p set.

You can also ask in the owners' thread for your set. There, someone may know of settings that will improve things, somewhat.

LCD Displays Section

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Dish uses 1440x1080 for 1080i channels, so as DrDon said, changing providers may help. Also, if your old TV was smaller, it would look sharper on lower quality/compressed material like cable/satellite. Finally, if your old TV was a VA panel, it had higher contrast than your current IPS, which could explain another difference in perceived quality.
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4K TVs generally make heavily compressed HD content look not quite as good, but it depends on the TV and the processor in it. Some of the high end Sonys can work some voodoo magic and make lousy HD look decent. A newer DISH box that can do the scaling and processing might help, but it might not.
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If you have an antenna and/or have access to local OTA channels, the Dish Network OTA Tuner USB Dongle will help quite a bit with local channels.

Philip Hamm
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