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Hello all,

I am seriously considering buying the Panny AE-100 due to some very positive reviews and because I have budget constraints. I have gotten a wealth of info on this projector on other threads from all the great minds (and eyes) at work here on the AVS Forum, great job everyone !! However being that I have so many components that I would like to input into the AE-100 I am a little confused as to what will give me the best picture quality for each. Let me run down the list of what I think I know and then the stuff that I think I don't know:

First, I have a RCA DTC-100 HD reciever which I would like to connect via VGA cable to watch HDNet, HBO-HD, OTA PBS-HD, and shows such as the Tonight Show on NBC in HD. Does everyone pretty much agree that this will give me a very watchable picture if I have the AE-100 set to about an 80" diagonal screen size? Does anyone know how bad the screen door effect would be if I am sitting approx. 12 feet from the screen and have the projector slightly defocused and possibly a filter on it?

Second, I would also like to hook up my JVC S60 Progressive Scan DVD player (it has the 3:2 pull down menu similar to the Panny RP56) via the HD component cables. Again, I have gathered that this would still give me a very acceptable picture although maybe not quite as nice as the above HD channels or thru a HTPC.

Third, I have a Dreamcast with VGA box which I have heard looks incredible straight thru the VGA connection so no question there. I also have an XBOX with the HD component box which I will connect directly and have read this gives a very good picture.

Now, my real questions revolve around trying to watch my TIVO recordings, S-VHS VCR recordings, or Standard Def. programming on the DTC-100 using the S-Video output (the line doubler in the DTC-100 stinks) from these sources. I have heard some folks having luck with the Viewsonic VB50 and others using either a transcoder or the I-Scan Pro. Does anyone know which of these options would work best for the above sources? Any other options I should explore? I will probably hook up my PC occasionally to play games such as the new Jedi Knight game and possibly watch some DVD's using WinDVD 2000 and Powerstrip. Thanks in advance for anyone's help in answering my above questions. Your help is most appreciated !!

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I view an 84" diagonal from under 10' and I find it more than acceptable. From 12', 80" should be a non-issue, especially with a greyscreen/filter and a defocus.

Progressive DVD hookup: Good- Component input/ Very, very good: Transcoder/Excellent: HTPC

Dreamcast with VGA: no issue... unsurpassed video gaming! :D

Xbox (don't have one yet, but from my research): Same as 480P DVD... use a transcoder.

S-video sources: Transcoder is not the solution--- it is ONLY for 480P translation from component to VGA (DVD/Xbox/Gamecube). An iScan Pro is overkill. Iscan V2 is probably the right box. You can try gambling and see if the $99 VB50 solution is good enough for your needs before the iScan.

So here's the breakdown:
480p component sources: Use a transcoder

S-Video interlaced sources: Use a iScan V2

The 2 of those items will be cheaper than an iScan Pro and give you the best quality, IMO.

- JP in TOronto
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I just ordered a progressive DVD player with VGA out, but the iScan V2 does not have a VGA pass-through. For VHS and cable, I want to run the signal through the iScan to the AE100. For DVD, I would like to run VGA directly to the AE100.

Does anyone know of an auto VGA switchbox that will handle this without degradation in picture quality?

Would I be better off running SVideo from the DVD player to the iScan, and not using the VGA out on the DVD player?

Is the de-interlacer found in newer DVD players really better than the iScan?


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