TCL 8-Series 8K Roku TVs Revealed at CES 2019

Get ready for affordable high-performance 8K TVs. TCL has taken the North American TV market by storm, quickly rising through the ranks to become the number two selling smart TV brand in the U.S. and at CES 2018 announced the new 8-series which will offer 8K resolution for screen size is 75 inches and larger.

“2018 was another great year for the TCL television business globally and especially for us here in North America,” said Aaron Dew, Director of Product Development, TCL North America. “We’re making TVs people love and according to NPD, TCL became a leader in Smart TV with number two market share in the USA. The growth in large screen was even more pronounced with TCL taking a top-3 position in the 55” and above category.” 

According to TCL, these TVs will come equipped with HDMI 2.1 and offer up to 300% more “Contrast Control Zones” … which is its chosen name for full array local dimming aka FALD. This is achieved by using mini-LEDs as the light source. What’s more, these TVs will come with an integrated far-field array mic  that allows them to offer voice assistant functionality without the need for a separate device.

2019 represents the introduction of quantum dots to TCL’s televisions, which allow for brilliant color reproduction.

TCL is leading the charge in making cutting-edge TV tech affordable and the 8-series is a clear sign the company is picking up steam. While we’ll have to wait for more details including pricing, there’s a great change TCL will disrupt the high-perf0rmance TV market with its first 8K quantum-dot offerings. Plus, these TVs are Roku TVs which makes them easy to use and provides an enormous variety of streaming content.

Here’s the full CES press conference:

Here’s a quick peek at an 8-series TCL TV on display at CES 2019.

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