The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200 on Amazon

Looking for some of the best noise cancelling headphones under $200? You can get great sound and many other features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

With noise cancelling headphones, when you move up from $100 to the $200 price point, things get interesting and there’s a whole new set of rules to play by. In this list, we have some of the best noise cancelling headphones under $200 that you’ll find on Amazon.

Regardless of whether you believe you get anything different performance-wise at the higher price, I’m here to tell you that you do. Prepare to hold on to your potatoes Dr. Jones, we are going for a little ride.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

So people always say OMG NOT BOSE! But here we have a really good pair of headphones, Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling. They are better than just good, they are teetering on the edge of “really good.”

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 acoustic noise cancelling headphones

The QC25s offer effective noise reduction from the company best known for that sort of technology.

One thing about Bose headphones is they are light and comfortable. That my friends is a major plus if you are going to use them all of the time. These puppies sell on Amazon for $179.98 (iOS/Apple) or $189.00 (Android) and have a seriously big customer review stack of 3500, mostly positive… and an Amazon’s Choice award. Definitely worth checking out!

Ghostek soDrop Pro Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling

Ghostek is one of my favorite budget headphones brands. The soDrop Pro are wireless over-ear headphones that feature active noise cancelling. The thing is, unless you are a gamer like me, you might not know this company. But rest assured, these are worth every penny of the $145 asking price!

The Ghostek soDrop Pro.

These headphones allow you to connect to two devices and offer one-step easy pairing and range is said to be up to 30 feet. There’s a built-in mic for calls as well as the ANC function. And the warranty is good too, for one year the company offers an exchange with a new pair if something goes wrong.

Very nice features, plus they look cool, come in three color options, and sound insanely good for the money.

Pioneer Rayz Plus Smart Noise Cancellation Headphones In-Ear Earbuds (Apple Lightning)

Next up is one of my favorites: The Pioneer Rayz in-ear earbuds. They are designed for use with iOS devices.

I use them often, and have these as one of my backup pairs of earbuds. At $129.95, this model is a crazy steal of a deal for what you are getting sound wise: Smart (i.e. adaptive) noise cancellation! These earbuds can adjust the noise cancelling to your environment.

Pioneer Rayz Plus smart noise cancelling headphones.

These headphones are great on the go, with Smart Mute technology that automatically mutes you when you are listening in a noisy environment and unmutes you when you are speaking. Plus, these earbuds let you activate Siri hands-free.

Linner NC80 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Okay, technically these Linner NC80 headphones are in another category (under $100) but they are good enough to be included in this list. I am a metal head, so I need cans that can crank but also keep noise out, making these a must-buy pair. According to the specs, the ANC on these cans have up to 35 dB of noise reduction capability.

Linner NC80
Linner NC80 active noise cancelling headphones.

These headphones also offer touch control, it lets you choose settings and adjust the volume using your finger and the right ear cup. Also, the earcups swivel 90°, making the NC80 easier to fit in a bag.

Samsung Level Over Bluetooth Headphones

Now let’s be real, lists like this need to be flexible. We dipped under $100 earlier and now we’re going to go a bit over $200. These Samsung Level Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones are a bit over the price point at $249.99. So sure, truth is they don’t belong here. But they are deff. the next step up!

Samsung Level Over active noise cancelling headphones.

These big, badass headphones are just what the doctor ordered if you like comfort and big sound. On the go, active noise cancellation is a must to enjoy your music crystal-clear.

Samsung says a charge will last for 15 hours of listening or talk (with the built-in mic). These are a sick deal on amazing headphones, so if you can stretch the budget go for it.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones

At a buck under $200, these headphones with the hard-to-remember name are worth the price of admission. Audio Technica understands how to design good sounding gear and these noise cancelling full-size cans give you bass that’s tight, not bloated or broken-up.

These headphones have 40mm drivers and come with a detachable cable. In “wired” mode the frequency response is 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz!

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT headphones. 

Quietpoint noise cancelling uses four microphones for the best effect on airplanes, in offices, and other environments. And one charge gets you 25 hours of sound with noise cancelling and Bluetooth, with 1000-hours of standby.

These headphones are comfortable, which is super important for something you use all the time and for extended sessions. A great pick for noise cancelling headphones under $200 from a solid brand.

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